About Us

DV Signage was established out of the Digital View Group in 2011 to focus on the growing success of Digtial View's Pro-AV and Signage product portfolio.

With over 200,000 installations across the world, DV Signage is one of the world's leading suppliers of dedicated digital signage media players, displays and software.

Created out of the Digital View Group in 2011, DV Signage focuses on a providing digital screens, interactive digital exhibits, signage and wayfinding. From small touch screens to large scale video walls. From simple DVD replacement to user-friendly software for signage and information systems. From off-the-shelf to fully customized, indoor and outdoor. DV Signage provides technical, creative and project support for the design and realization of audio visual projects for retailers, museums, advertisers and Pro-A/V customers. DV Signage has offices in North America, Europe and Asia.