DV Studio Software

Free to download DV-Studio versions (Windows and Mac) enable playlists, scheduling, interactivity and deployment to ViewStream Signage media-players and VideoFlyer & PopStyle media displays.


Create Playlists

Drag and drop media files so video play in a continous loop according to the sequence you choose.

Scheduled Playlists

With a straight forward calendar function you canschedule playlists to run at a specified time


Enables interactivity (touchscreen, motion sensor, barcode & RS-232) features on ViewStream products.

Content Update

Deploy content various ways (USB, SD/CF Card, Dropbox & FTP) to your target media player based products.

Built-In Media Converter

With our built in media converter - we output the correct format for you so playback is the best it can be.

And the rest...

This template includes lots of customizations and combinations.

Software Version Comparison

The table below breifly highlights the differences between DV-Studio LITE and DV-Studio PLAY.

- DV-Studio LITE DV-Studio PLAY
Content Creation - -
Playlist Creation Yes Yes
Scheduled Playlists - Yes
Interactivity Setup - Yes
Media Conversion Yes Yes
Deploy to: Local Storage, CF & SD Cards, USB Local Storage, CF & SD Cards, USB,
LAN, FTP Server, Dropbox
Embedded Commands - Yes
Version Update Check Yes Yes
Windows Version DV-Studio LITE : Windows Version DV-Studio Play : Windows Version
Mac Version DV-Studio LITE : Mac Version DV-Studio Play : Mac Version
UserGuide DV Studio Lite User Guide DV Studio Play User Guide
Language English, Spanish, Chinese & German English, Spanish Chinese & German
Current Version 1.01 1.14