Magnetic iPAD Wall Charging Station

Hold, Store & Charge iPADs wirelessly using a custom i-Mount magnetic charging station

The i-Mount Magnetic mounting wall holds iPADs securely into place (portrait or landscape) whilst automatically wirelessly charging the devices (using induction technology).

The iPADs are housed in protective sleeves, with button functions available and audio routed to front. No cables, no lost power cords and always fully charged tablets!

The ‘Charging App’ recognises the iPADs are on the wall and can be configured to default to a selectable image across all the displays. Create the iPAD Wall to suit your environment - with LED back-lit acrylic (or glass) finishes and custom options for the perfect shape, form or branding for any wall space.

Design Service:
Custom design service for creation of walls from 1 to many iPADs. Metal mounting tray, with glass or acrylic shaped front section. Options for LED lighting and motion sensor control.

iPAD2, iPAD Air & iPAD Mini Alternative designs available for iPHONE. Secondary Desktop & Podium Mounts for lecture theatres and offices. Single mains power socket to the wall.