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PopStyle : All-In-One Display and Media Player Solution

A range of dedicated, ultra-reliable digital media displays for all Digital Signage applications.

The POPSTYLE products are low cost, all-in-one LCD display and media player combinations, using DV Signage’s high quality media player and power supply components, but built into low cost plastic enclosures that can be either open frame or closed frame and optionally supplied with optional ITO8 touch screens and desktop mounts.

The Products

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Available in 10" / 15" / 23" screen sizes. Choose from stand-alone or networked, open frame or closed frame versions.


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Lightweight, compact, low power, open / closed frame, CE approved...

The Integrated Players

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Using DV Signage's dedicated, ultra reliable high quality digital media player. Find out more about the player inside PopStyle

Our Software

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Free to download and use, DV Studio provides clean & easy-to-use interface for managing your content/ encoding and deploying to your DV Signage player

Case Studies

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Some examples, images and storyboards of previous installations, different display configurations and various mounting options.


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Touch Screens, Buttons, Motion Sensors and a range of other options to complete your PopStyle installation.