Screen & Media Player Synchronisation

Set up stunning synchronized video displays in no time. The ViewStream media player is the perfect choice for retailers, museums and brands across the globe for seemless video across multiple screens. Ideal for both permanent and temporary videowall installations using commercial monitors.


Synchronisation Options

Portrait Synchronisation

Small Screen Sync Via RS-232

VS-300 Media Player

Ideal for small screen applications. Link up to 9 ViewStream 300 media players for the easiest multiple screen playback synchronisation you will find.

Also available in an all-in-one solution see ยป VideoFlyer section for more details

Download the Brochure
Watch the easy setup Video
Free software to setup your synchronised playlist
ViewStream-300 Media Player

Large Screen HD Sync

ViewStream 700 Media Player

Connect as many players as your network switch has ports! 1 Player per screen for truly stunning and easy to set up screen synchronisation

Free software to setup your synchronised playlist
ViewStream-700 HD Media Player

Canvas Sync

VS-SignBox Media Player

Using the SignBox Media Players with the Editor Software allows the user to import technical drawings of screen locations to then lay content in the correct posotion. No need cut up video - simply drag content boxes over locations and the software does the rest.

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