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ViewStream, VideoFlyer & PopStyle, click a product link to see details.



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Free to download DV-Studio versions (Windows and Mac) enable playlists, scheduling, interactivity and deployment to ViewStream Signage media-players and VideoFlyer & PopStyle media displays.

    DV Studio Lite

  DV Studio Play   MessageBoard
Content Creation   -   -   Yes
Playlist Creation   Yes   Yes   -
Scheduled Playlists   -   Yes   -
Interactivity Setup
(Buttons, Touch, Motion)
  -   Yes   -
Media Conversion   Yes   Yes   Yes
Deploy to
  Local storage, USB,
CF & SD cards

Local storage, USB, 
CF & SD cards, LAN, FTP server, Dropbox

  Local storage, USB, 
CF & SD cards, LAN, FTP server
Embedded Commands   -   Yes   -
Player to Player Sync
  -   Yes   -
Version Update Check   Yes   Yes   -
Windows Version   Download   Download   Download
Mac Version   Download   Download   -
Languages   English, Spanish, Chinese & German   English, Spanish, Chinese, German   English
Current Version   1.01   1.18   -


Software Features

Documentation Download

» User Guide for DV-Studio Play Download

» User Guide for DV-Studio Lite Download

Training Videos

Introduction to DV-Studio Play Software

Introduction to DV-Studio 2 Software

Introduction to DV-Media Converter

DV Media Converter

A companion program for DV Studio 2 (DV Studio Play has the functionality built-in), the functionality of DV Media Converter is already integrated within DV Studio Play. DV Media Converter converts video files to ViewStream media-player optimized formats, download this free utility for MAC and Windows.

» Download DV-Media Converter (Mac)
» Download DV-Media Converter (Windows) 

DV Studio 2

Now replaced by DV Studio Play we continue to provide the download links as a convenience for users who wish to continue using it. 

» Download (v.2.08 for Windows)
» Download (v.2.08 for Mac)

DV Studio 2 is suitable for creating playlists, schedules, interactivity with both network and USB, CF card media update supported. It works with ViewStream media-players and VideoFlyer media-displays.


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