Video Wall Controllers

Daisy Chain Option

All DV Signage video wall panels can be supplied with the option of internal daisy-chain capability. This means that a single HD signal can be connected to the first display in the series and the image is then looped out to the next screen and so on until the single image is spread across the whole video canvas.

This involves expanding the image across a large number of displays and so the resolution slowly starts to reduce the bigger you go. The daisy chain option is ideal for the standard 2x2 video wall option and can be stretched to 3x3 (with a slightly longer viewing distance).

However for larger walls, or for irregular shapes - to achieve the best possible quality image quality it is advisable to implement a video wall controller.

Video Wall Controllers

These are high resolution PC systems or hardware solutions that combine multiple video inputs to deliver high quality large images to video walls. These video wall image processors are supplied with software that allows you to position your different sources on screen, to create imaging templates, and to build routines that enable quick switching between different layouts.

DV Signage supplies a selection of different video wall image processing solutions - to ensure the perfect price, performance and reliability for your video wall solution.

DVS Smart Box

An INTEL Core 2 Extreme, running offering internal playout, plus 3 HD digital Inputs and 9 to 16 digital HD outputs.


Dual Intel Xeon with 1 to 56 HD outputs and 1 to 65 HD inputs to capture and display video from any device and scale it at high resolution to any size or shape video wall.

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