Your Video Wall Mounting Options

Wall Mounting

For wall mounting we have a range of economic steel mounting bars - from which flexible display mounting brackets can be hung. The steel mounting bars ensure a perfect horizontal alignment and using a guide template each bar can be vertically aligned to deliver the ultimate finish. The mounting brackets all have fine tuning height and pitch adjustments, and can be slit along the steel mounting bars to ensure a perfect finish.

Both flat and push-out mounting brackets are available. Push-Out brackets allow any one of the display to easily come away from the wall for individual maintenance or servicing.

Curved Walls

Custom mounting frames can be designed for curved walls and other non-standard video wall shapes and environments.

Rear Access

Having a cavity behind the video wall, provides for the simplest installation, but requires a more expensive steel mounting frame.

Portable Mounting

Portable floor mounting solutions for rental or temporary deployment can be delivered for 2x2 and 3x3 video walls.