46" VideoFlyer™ Display with Integrated HD Media Player

The 46" Network Advertsing display from DV Signage with a built in media player.

Key Features
Full HD Content Playback
Solid State - 2 Year Warranty
Content Update : CF Card / USB / FTP / LAN / Dropbox
Free Content Management Software
Scheduled Playback

Network Version : Content Update Method : CF Card / USB / FTP / LAN / DropBox

The VideoFlyer products are rubust, all-in-one LCD display and media player combinations, using DV Signage's high quality media player and power supply components, but built into aluminium enclosures that can be either open frame or closed frame.

The files are stored and played directly from a solid state Compact Flash memory card.

Order Numbers:

VF-460W-HD :
PN: VF-4600-0G00-1200

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DV-Studio provides a clean & easy to use interface for creating Playlists. The mechanism allows you to import the media, transcode it to the right format, preview content & generate playlists. Playlists can be simple 'looping' media or offer multi-level touch interactivty.

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