ViewStream 300

Stand-Alone Interactive Digital Media Player

The ViewStream 300 is a highly reliable stand alone media-player for signage applications. DVD quality video playback designed to run 24/7.

Key Features
Solid State - 3 Year Warranty
Interactive Accessories
CF Card / USB Content Update
Scheduled Playback

Stand Alone Player : Content Update Method : CF Card / USB

The ViewStream 300 is a solid state media player deliversing crystal clear digital video and digital audio. Lightweight, compact, stand-alone interactive media player connects to any type of digital display, have no moving parts and run off ultra-reliable solid state flash emory cards.

The files are stored and played directly from a solid state CF memory card.

Order Numbers:

VS-300 : Bulk Pack
PN: 587160001-3 (inc Power Supply & Mains Lead)

VS-300 : Promo Pack
PN: 587160031-3 (inc 4GB CF Card, IR Remote Control, RS-232 Cable, Power Supply & Mains Lead)

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Key Features of the VS-300

Designed for 24/7 Signage use
Motion Sensor
Barcode Scanner
Synchronisation via RS-232
Serial Port Control
USB Update with Datalog Retrieval

DV-Studio provides a clean & easy to use interface for creating Playlists. The mechanism allows you to import the media, transcode it to the right format, preview content & generate playlists. Playlists can be simple 'looping' media or offer multi-level touch interactivty.

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