ViewStream 500

Full HD Networked Media Player

The ViewStream 500 is a highly reliable networked media player for signage applications...

Key Features
Solid State - 3 Year Warranty
Full HD
CF Card / USB / FTP / LAN / Dropbox Content Update
Scheduled Playback

Network Player : Content Update Method : CF Card / USB / FTP / LAN / Dropbox

The ViewStream range of solid state media players delivers crystal clear digital video and digital audio. Lightweight, compact, networkable interactive media players connect to any type of digital display, have no moving parts and run off ultra-reliable solid state flash emory cards.

The files are stored and played directly from a solid state CF memory card.

Order Numbers:

VS-500 : Bulk Pack
PN: 587180321-3 (inc Power Supply & Mains Lead)

VS-500 : Promo Pack
PN: 587180021-3 (inc 4GB CF Card, IR Remote Control, RS-232 Cable, Power Supply & Mains Lead)

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DV-Studio provides a clean & easy to use interface for creating Playlists. The mechanism allows you to import the media, transcode it to the right format, preview content & generate playlists. Playlists can be simple 'looping' media or offer multi-level touch interactivty.

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