ClickShare for Wireless Presentation

ClickShare allows you to quickly, easily and wirelessly share presentations from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone to a video wall or projector. No more cables, MAC or PC compatibility issues or resolution fixes - ClickShare handles all that and is fast enough for video and audio. For innovation centres or training rooms, where different users regularly need to share data, up-to 4 users can connect and share the presentation via ClickShare at the same time.

Get everyone involved in the meeting...

About us

ClickShare wireless presentation and collaboration system. ClickShare is a wireless presentation and collaboration system, that allows any meeting participant to share content on the central meeting room screen.

At the click of a button, the content of your laptop, tablet or smartphone is displayed on the large screen. The result is that all participants are involved more intensely in the decision-making process. Coupling extreme simplicity with an unmatched user experience, everybody who has used ClickShare is immediately hooked.

In order to perfectly answer your needs, ClickShare comes in two flavors: the CSM Base Unit (for standard meeting rooms) and the full-featured CSC Base Unit (optimized for high-profile meeting rooms, boardrooms and conference rooms). In this way, you choose exactly the system you need. The table underneath shows the main features of the two base units.

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