New HD LED Video Walls @ DVS US Showroom

The DVSi US showroom has taken delivery of the latest Volanti HD LED video wall configurations. A new 1.2MM pixel pitch 2.4M x 1.34M, 1080×1920 LED video wall block, and a 1.5MM pixel pitch 3M x 1.67M, 1080×1920 LED video wall block. With vivid high impact colour performance, perfect for seamless large canvas presentation in meeting rooms, lobbies, customer experience centres and auditoriums. The LED video wall tiles mount quickly together with zero cabling, they can be built and fully serviced from the front. Aggressively priced, the Volanti systems are integrated with the DVSi media controller to provide a flexible and fully curated content experience, using a simple tablet to quickly schedule and trigger different content and media playlists. DVSi also offers a range of interactive possibilities, from gesture based to interactive globes and voice control.

Volanti is a California based manufacturer of specialist display products, including high performance touch screens and video walls. For more information on the full range of Volanti displays.

DVSignage has experience installing LED video wall solutions across the globe. DVSignage has delivered high end boardrooms and iconic lobbies. For more information on DVSi LED services.

Volanti 1.2mm HD LED Wall

Volanti 1.2mm HD LED Video Wall


Volanti 1.5MM HD LED Video Wall

Volanti 1.5MM HD LED Video Wall