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Pepper to headline the Future Tech Now 2018 Show in London…

DV Signage is excited to announce the launching of its latest Robotic Service Software for Humanoid Robots at Future Tech Now 2018. A cutting edge technology event at the Business Design Centre in London on 5th,6th,7th April 2018.

As the pre-eminent software developers for service robots, the DV team will be showcasing the very latest in humanoid robotic interaction capability, using Softbank’s Pepper Robot and Qihan’s Sanbot Robot. Pepper and Sanbot will be heavily involved in welcoming visitors to the show, providing wayfinding information, conference agendas, introducing panellists and presenting key note speeches. ‘Over the next few years, Service Robotics is set to revolutionize the way we interact, shop, relax and look after each other,” says Ed Lennox, Head of Robotics at DV Signage. “A leap towards this future is what we are launching and showcasing at the Future Tech Now Conference on 5th April 2018 in London.”

The DV Signage Robotic Service Software offers a range of facial recognition, calendar management, communication and presentation capabilities, perfect for organisations looking to enhance their ‘meet and greet’ experience – whether in a reception lobby, retail showroom, museum experience or client innovation centre.

To see and learn more about the possibilities offered by Humanoid Service Robots, come and see us and our new Robotic Service Software at the Future Tech Now Conference.

Pepper & Sanbot look forward to the show:

The robots will be available by appointment for interviews with selected journalists.


DV Signage is a global digital transformation and technical interiors specialist. We deliver high end audio visual, robotics, mixed reality and AI solutions for Retail, Museums, Customer Experience Centres, Operations Centres, Lobbies, Boardrooms, Tech Labs and Smart Building environments.
Future Tech Now 2018  is held at the Islington Design Centre of 5th-7th April 2018.  Please contact: Ed Lennox: (02076312150) for more information.
Pepper PPT - Pepper Robot Presenting


DV Signage, the specialist experience center development agency has launched an application that turns Softbank’s Pepper Robot into the ultimate automated Sales Tool and PowerPoint Presenter…

London: DV Signage, the specialist experience center development agency, has today announced it is launching ‘Pepper PPT’ an application that turns Softbank’s humanoid Pepper Robot into a powerful sales and presentation tool.

The Pepper PPT application is one of a new suite of DV Signage products that puts Pepper at the heart of your customer experience. Simply download the Pepper PPT application. Connect a Pepper Robot to your network. Then whatever you type into the PowerPoint notes section, Pepper will ‘pitch perfectly’ read out loud, before moving automatically onto the next slide.

For that extra layer of presenter body language, the Pepper PPT application also allows you to select between 12 discrete Pepper gestures that can be dropped directly into the text. You can engage any of Pepper’s 20 different motors from its head, body and arms to quickly reinforce your key points. To get the robot to lean into its audience, bang its fist or spin around, simply drag the relevant icon directly into the narrative.

SoftBank’s humanoid Pepper Robot has been at the centre of unprecedented news reports recently as the world is waking up to the potential for robotics to revolutionise every aspect of how humans interact with each other. Pepper with its highly emotive interactions and engaging appearance is currently the market leading ‘service-provider’ styled robot. Crucially it is also available at a relevant price point for a range of applications from corporate receptionist to retail assistant or care provider.

DV Signage have spent the last year developing for the Pepper platform and in that time have developed applications that enable Pepper to have free-flowing natural conversations with customers, control networked IOT devices in a surrounding environment and recognize and personally greet customers and visitors.

‘It is a significant moment,’ comments Ed Lennox, head of Robotics for DV Signage, ‘Pepper PPT is our first general release product. Our previous work has all been about creating custom robotic interactions for specific tasks in retail or customer experience centres. However as the market base of humanoid robots has grown, so has the general demand for flexible and easy to use applications that allow marketing teams to create their own experiences without needing to call in the experts everytime’.

Pepper PPT is compatible with a range of other humanoid robots and can be connected to a host of other web services (such as IBM Watson for non-scripted conversation). For more information, please contact the team at DV Signage Ltd 


Contact Information:

Ed Lennox, Head of Robotics, DV Signage Ltd:                                             T: 02076312150.



DV Signage is a specialist experience centre development agency, delivering high end digital transformation and audio visual solutions for global retailers, corporates and museums. Our mission is to put Robotics and AI at the heart of the user experience. With a range of products across the fields of IOT, AR, VR and Smart Building integration, DV Signage uses the latest cutting edge tools to seamlessly integrate the very best technology, communications and automation, to deliver unique digital experiences, inspiring client journeys and transformative operational excellence. DV Signage provides global support from its offices in UK, USA, India, China and the Philippines.



Standing at a height of 1.2M, Pepper is the Humanoid Robot developed by Softbank and designed to interact with humans in customer service applications. The robot has its own personality, range of reactions and movements and can automatically engage with people in real world scenarios. The body contains 20 motors for motion in the head, shoulders, arms, hands, hips and knees – and Pepper has four microphones, two cameras, gyros and a 3-D depth sensor built into its head. A 10” touch screen display is built into the body for enhanced communication.

Pepper Robot - Future Tech Now